Our parenting offer provides both group based and one to one services for all families with children less than five years of age.  It can be difficult bringing up little ones and our team are well trained in a variety of programmes and interventions to help you.

Parents as First Teachers (PAFT) is a programme of fortnightly or monthly visits provided by a qualified PAFT Practitioner. It is targeted towards families with children under the age of five who need a bit of extra help and practical advice.  PAFT Practitioners can support individual families for a number of months on a one to one basis within their own home.  Access to PAFT is through a referral process so either speak to your health visitor or contact us directly.

Development Workshops consist of four topics all parents and carers have to encounter! At the end of a drop-in session on a regular basis, workshops will be delivered to provide top tips and resources in relation to behaviour, toilet training, weaning and oral health.  Have a look at our timetable to find a session you would like to attend.

The Journey of Parenting is a parenting programme generally 4-6 weeks in length and provide parents and carers with ideas and support in specific areas. Parents/carers will also have the opportunity to form friendships and support networks during this time. For more information or to book a place on our next course please call us on 0300 323 0245.

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Bookstart Corner is part of the Bookstart family of packs gifted to children during their early years. We all know parents are a child’s first and most important educator and we know that children who share books, stories and rhymes will be better prepared for Nursery, School and beyond!  Bookstart Corner gifts you a free book bag packed with books and resources for you to share with your child.  We provide a few short home visits which gives you the tools to develop a love of sharing books and rhymes with your child.  Contact us directly to arrange an initial visit.

Childcare. Finding a suitable nursery or preschool for your little one can be a daunting task.  Our team have close links with all early years’ providers in Bedford Borough and they can help with choosing the right setting for your family.  The family information service has a list of all providers in Bedford Borough or you can contact us if you would like some additional help.

Bespoke Support.  General one to one support can be provided for up to 6 weeks and be tailored according to your specific requirements.  Just get in touch or speak to a member of our team and we will gladly meet with you.  We can also help to put you in touch with other services in Bedford Borough which may have a specialism’s outside of the Children’s Centre remit such as special educational needs, disability, housing, employment etc.